When arriving at Hotel Republika you will drive by British Square, one of Zagreb’s most popular and colorful squares. Feel the local atmosphere of the city and its residents by visiting it on Sunday, from 8 a.m. till 2 p.m., when the square, popularly called Britanac, transforms into a flea market & antique and collectibles fair.

What can you find in this lively market? Well, everything from painting, jewelry, old currency, badges, antique furniture, antique cameras, old pictures on glass plates, antique books and maps, gramophones with their own LPs, photo frames, decorative mirrors, posters, silver, old lamps and much more. And as you expected, prices are subjected to heavy bargaining.

Useful tip! During the week there is a green and dairy market on Britanac. In the morning, British Square is full of chefs from nearby restaurants looking for fresh ingredients at the local farmers’ stands. This is the perfect place to buy all the ingredients for meals you are going to prepare in your fully equipped kitchen in Hotel Republika apartments.